The Port Arch was commissioned as a Gateway sculpture for the village of Port Elphinstone in Aberdeenshire. 


The sculpture in place, at the roadside on the way into Port Elphinstone

On the opposite side of the river Dee from the larger town of Inverurie is the small town of Port Elphinstone. A canal used to run from there to Aberdeen. There are several arched bridges in the vicinity, crossing the river and the remnants of the old canal.These arches are the main theme for this sculpture. Work with children from the local primary school developed a series of images symbolising the history of the town. These images were cut in clay sheets by the children and  incorporated in the bronze, traversing the larger arch. The image below shows the pattern for the top part of the bronze. It was made from wood, plywood, flooring vinyl and plasticene clay.


I did much of the casting at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop at Lumsden in Aberdeenshire. The molds were made using the resin-bonded sand method on wood patterns. The slide-show below is of photographs taken at SSW by Mayumi Fuso. Gordon Lochhead in the blue trousers, the other foundryman is Eden Jolly, who is in charge of the facility.

SSW Casting Slideshow: click the first image to start the show.

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